Year 1-2 Team


A big welcome from the 1/2 team. Our grade 1 teachers are Ms Harding, Ms Dixon Mr Uphill and Ms Caddaye. Our grade 2 teachers are Ms Marks-White and Ms Bishop.

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With number being an important focus, our students record the number of school days and especially enjoy celebrating 100 days of school.

As part of their literacy program, students have been learning about the weather and Sunbury.

Fractions and division are a big part of learning in maths. We set up class toy shops and use plastic money to learn the value of notes and coins.

During Health and PE week the children start each day with 10 minutes of vigorous activity. Dancing, skipping and running are part of the fun.

We greatly appreciate the support of families throughout the year.

 The Year 1 and 2 team.